Our mission is to understand what drives stock returns better than anyone, and to use this knowledge to generate superior long-term risk-adjusted returns for our clients.


  • Robert Snigaroff, Ph.D. President and Founding Principal

    Mr. Snigaroff co-founded Denali Advisors in 2001. He heads the portfolio management, research, business management efforts, and Denali’s Investment Committee.

  • Mike Munson, CFA SVP, Portfolio Manager and Trading

    Mr. Munson co-founded Denali Advisors in 2001. He manages portfolio implementation, special situations, and rebalancing to ensure insights from Denali’s quantitative process are captured and clients guidelines followed.

  • John “Bert” Cuthbertson, Ph.D., CFA Chief Investment Officer

    John Cuthbertson PhD., joined Denali in 2012. As Chief Investment Officer he manages Denali Advisors’ stock models and integrates with portfolio management. Since joining Denali Advisors he has worked to extend Denali’s investment philosophy and process to new sectors of the U.S. and International equity markets.

  • Rachel Tyndall, CFA Portfolio Manager & Trading

    Ms. Tyndall joined Denali Advisors in 2013. She is a portfolio manager who works on portfolio implementation and rebalancing, special situations, and trading. She is also involved in various model and other research projects.

  • Fatchi “FC” Cheng, Ph.D., CFA Senior Research Analyst

    Fatchi Cheng joined Denali in 2017. He aids in Denali’s research effort, including researching quantitative factors for consideration in Denali’s models, attribution analysis, and development of Denali’s software infrastructure.

  • Seok Joon “John” Byun Jr. Research Analyst

    John joined Denali Advisors in 2018. His responsibilities include researching and constructing components involved in factor models, forecasting, asset pricing theory, and assisting in the exploration and implementation of new quantitative factors for use in Denali’s investment process.

  • Annika Liu Portfolio Analyst

    Ms. Liu joined Denali Advisors in 2018. She is responsible for portfolio implementation, rebalancing and trade analysis.

  • Darci Irvin Investment Operations Manager

    Mrs. Irvin joined Denali in 2017. She manages the firm’s operations and back-office functions, including trade settlement, portfolio accounting, and custodial relations. She also manages client account data and client reporting.