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Denali Advisors Sells Minority Stake to Nile Capital Group Fund

Denali Advisors, LLC ("Denali") is thrilled to announce a partnership with Nile Capital Group LLC ("Nile") as a minority member and advisory partner. Nile is a private equity firm founded by Melvin Lindsey, CFA that [...]

Investment Management

Denali Advisors, LLC is a quantitative-based, institutional investment management firm, and the largest Native American-owned asset management firm in the country. Specializing in U.S. value equities, Denali was founded in 2001 by Robert Snigaroff, an Alaskan Native of the Aleut Tribe, and Michael Munson. Denali currently serves institutional public, corporate and foundation clients. Denali is majority employee owned and operated, and is based in San Diego, CA.