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Investment Objective

The NV Micro investment strategy is measured against the Frank Russell Microcap Value, and seeks to return 3-5% gross excess above benchmark.


Russell Microcap Value

Key Strengths

  • The fundamental equity valuation insights from Denali Advisors published and unpublished research
  • A time varying factor forecast designed to capture investment themes
  • Our portfolio team’s track record of special situations stock position management

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NV Micro

Investment Philosophy

Systematically identify investor themes and anchoring to stock’s value from intrinsic and network value, in order to build risk controlled portfolios that outperform in multiple market environments.

Key Data
Excess Return Objective* 3-5%, Gross of fees
Tracking Error Objective* 5-7%
Typical Market Capitalization      $50 million – $1.5 billion
Approximate Holdings 60-90

For performance, fees, and other information, please contact Bob Snigaroff , President and CIO or call (858) 558-3600