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A changing world brings new and unique opportunities. Over the next years, as we continue to work and grow within our community, we must discover the themes and trends that govern our business. To guide our team today and into the future we will rely upon our Mission and Core Values.

Denali’s Mission

We want to understand what makes equities move better than anyone.  In this way, we can deliver portfolios that add value consistently.

Denali’s Core Values

We highly value Relationship, Excellence, Autonomy, Learning, Truth, and Team Ethos.


Among Denali team members and with our clients and prospects; this matters more than money.


With our investment process and model and in pursuit of our mission.


Independent, entrepreneurial, and in control of own destiny.  ‘Not selling headquarter’s product.’


Constantly learning; teaching one another; sharing what we’ve learned with others.


Honest with each other and clients; high ethical standards.

Team Ethos

Not self-aggrandizing or flashy; putting team and others before themselves.  Humble.